The pharmaceutical market is one of the few sectors that have shown double-digit compounded Annual Growth Rate in the last few years. To meet the demand of the ever-expanding Indian pharmaceutical market, All India Council for Technical Education last year increased the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate admission seats in pharmacy institute

Career scope and opportunities

Pharmacy graduates are involved in the research and development of new therapeutics as well as ensure their manufacturing quality control. The demand for pharma graduates is high in sectors like – healthcare, research, manufacturing, medical marketing, pharmacovigilance etc. As a pharma graduate, you can take up job roles like – drugs inspector, drugs controller, hospital pharmacist etc. We have seen demand increasing for new-age job roles like – big-data analyst, computational pharmacist, healthcare management scientist, life-cycle management scientist etc.

Future of Pharmacy

Pharmacists play an important role in overall healthcare management. In the new-age pharmacy industry, the candidates need to be accomplished in computational, and management skills in addition to the core technical knowledge. With scientists using more and more new technologies to predict the upcoming health issues, the pharma sector is also moving from being traditional to a highly technology-driven one.

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