Tech sector looking for Cloud Computing and Data Engineering skills

Raipur, 18th May 2020

The emerging trends in the IT sector look encouraging as the IT services and products are becoming frontline for every business to efficiently manage their business.

As more companies undergo digital transformation, the IT roles in demand will include positions focused on advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, the surging demand for professionals who can bring a mix of tech and business skills which will be required for nearly every position.

To talk about the skills that will lead the market dynamics in future, TimesJobs spoke to many technology leaders in its weekly career chat ‘High Tea’ [hyperlink] chat session. Here’s who said what about the new-age skills:

  1. Digital Transformation is playing a vital role in skills transformation, which will drive the future demand. Skills that will become quintessential in the coming times will include expertise in Cloud Computing/Engineering, Data Engineering & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and RPA. In addition to technology skills, it’ll very important to have the “Product Engineering” skills to think, conceptualise and build products/platforms/applications. Without the “Product Engineering” mindset/skills, it would really tough to build the required business solutions that can help business to solve their operational or growth challenges.
  2. Top IT skills that will be most sought in 2020 will be in Cloud Computing, Analytical Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), UX Design and Business Analysis. In addition to the basic programming skills, companies dealing in Digital Technology, Software Startups, System Integrators (SI), KPOs and IT consulting firms will be on a constant lookout for professionals with the aforementioned skills
  3. Technological evolutions are happening at an accelerating pace, therefore it will be vital for both the potential and current employees to have a balance of both core and soft skills. If you plan to pursue a career in tech industry honing soft skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, etc will help individuals to stay relevant in the job market.

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